How To Fly By Private Jet: You Have A Few Options

When you are ready to travel, you should consider all your available options. Most people who need to fly for business will get on a commercial airliner, deal with the long lines, and cramped legroom. However, you can avoid commercial air travel if you are using a private jet. You have a few options that you should try, and each one is listed below. Choose the travel style that will work best for you and your business.

On-Demand Charter Travel

When you need to charter an aircraft, you may choose an on-demand service that allows you to set up a one-time flight to anywhere you need to go. A lot of people will use an on-demand service because they would prefer to set up a flight at the exact moment they need it. At the same time, and on-demand traveler likely does not fly more than 20-25 hours a year.

If you travel more than 20-25 hours a year, you might want to step up to a club or membership at a charter service.

What Is A Jet Club?

A jet club is a membership program offered by a charter company that allows you to get a membership card. The membership card gives you preferential status when you are scheduling flights, and you can use your membership up to the number of hours that you have chosen. You are not buying into a plane, but you are buying into the company that you use. You can set up flights in the “on-demand” style that other people do, but you have more options because you are a member of the club.

When you are signing up for these clubs, you need to make sure that the company you choose goes to the places you want to go to. For example, you might make a lot of trips to or from Ireland, and it makes sense to invest in a company that services this country.

What If You Buy A Stake In A Plane?

When you take on what is known as “fractional ownership” of a plane, you are truly invested in an aircraft. You are buying 100-200 hours on that plane a year, and you get much better customer service because you have paid so much money for the privilege.

Your company likely cannot afford to buy a plane, but you can invest in a plane that is managed by a charter company. The charter company handles the pilots, flight plans, and management of the aircraft. You pay a fee every year because you are leasing the plane, and you can get on the plane whenever you want. This is very helpful to you because it ensures that you can get on a flight when you want to. Most people who have bought into a plane do not want to buy an entire plane, and they likely fly less than 400 hours a year.

You Can Buy A Charter Plane

If you buy a charter plane, you may ask a charter company to manage the plane for you. Full ownership of the plane means that you are paying for everything including registration. The charter company provides you with the pilots and staff at every airport you visit. You can go anywhere you want, and you can brand the plane for your company.

If you would like to buy a plane for your company, remember that you can finance that purchase through the charter company. Find a charter company that you want to work with every year, and do not buy into a plane unless you fly at least 400 hours a year.

Calculate Your Needs Based On The Hours You Fly

Most people get their frequent flyer rewards based on the number of miles they fly, but charter companies will calculate how much you pay based on the number of hours you fly. If you have not done the math in the past, you should consider calculating the number of hours you will travel every year. You can use that number to determine whether you need on-demand services, a jet club card, fractional ownership of a plane, or full ownership.


When you are trying to figure out the best way to manage your air travel every year, you should turn to charter companies that can help you. These companies will provide you with a service that is worth your money, and you can go so far as buying a plane that will be managed by your charter partner.

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