Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your valuable booking made with Premier Chauffeur Drive.

May we remind you that should you experience any problems locating your driver, you can contact our emergency telephone number +353872818181 in Ireland.

Driver Locations In Dublin, Cork and Shannon, there is only one exit into the main arrivals hall. Once emerged into this hall you should proceed forward where you should find your driver, he will be displaying a sign with your name and/or company logo.

  1. Tolls are included in our rates.
  2. A “Point to Point” journey is defined as a transfer from one pick up point directly to a drop off point. If any additional services are requested during the transfer additional charges will apply.
  3. For Airport pick-ups, one hour waiting time is included in the quoted rate (time calculated as per flight arrival time on the official Dublin Airport Authority website (http://www.daa.ie/). Additional waiting time will be charged at €60 per hour,  charged at €20 for every 15 minutes of waiting time.
  4. For all other pick-ups we allow 15 minutes
  5. Rates quoted are inclusive of car parking

Our Cancellation/Refund Policy

  1. The standard cancellation policy for all standard vehicles (Executive Saloon, Executive MPV,  First Class luxury Saloon, First Class Luxury MPV, VIP Mini Coach, & Coach) will be 24 hours prior to local Dublin pick up time. For pick-ups outside of Dublin its 24 hours plus applicable driving time from Dublin.
  2. The cancellation policy for all other services including coaches, tour guides, coordinators, and Airport greeters will be 24 hours prior to local time pick up.
  3. “No Show” fees will be charged at the transfer rate for the service booked. We always will try and make contact with the Client or the Booking contact before the driver is instructed to leave.
  4. Cancellation for Day Trips and Tours: a full payment will be debited if cancelled within 48 hours of booking date.
  5. No charge, or a full refund, will be provided for cancellation outside of the 48 hours.
  6. Cancellation for Airport Transfers: a full payment will be taken if cancelled within 4 hours of booking time. 
  7. No charge or a full refund will be provided for cancellations outside of the 4 hours.
  8. Cancellation for trips of minimum two days and longer: full payment will be debited if cancelled within 7 days of arrival date. 
  9. No charge will apply for cancellations outside of the 7 days.
  10. By booking this travel with Premier Chauffeur Drive, you accept and agree with the cancellation policies of this document.
  11. Delays – The company reserves the right to charge an hourly supplement in case of flight delays.
  12. Arbitration Disputes can only be resolved in an Irish Court of law. Complaints must be made in writing, within one week of last usage of services, date and postmark will apply.
  13. The driver has the right to refuse admission to the vehicles.
  14. Day hire is understood to be 8 hours of a calendar day or 220 km per calendar day.

Loss or Damage

  1. Clients will be responsible for any damage caused to Premier Chauffeur Drive’s property or to property visited on tour by them due to improper conduct.

Customer Satisfaction

Your vehicle should be presented in pristine condition. The driver will be courteous and helpful in every way possible. Should our standard not match your expectation, you can let us know by calling our office number +353872818181.

General Information
The journey from major airports to the city centre can take from 25 minutes off peak to 50 minutes during peak hours.


We would strongly advise passengers to take an overnight bag on the flight to include some clothing items and wash utensils. Luggage is frequently lost, and this will help you through your first 24 hours. Always take your medication or tablets on board the flight. We hope you enjoy a pleasant experience with our company and look forward to welcoming you to Ireland.

Acceptance By reading your confirmation and checking the items outlined, you agree to its contents.

  1. Changes in daily timings must be made in writing no later than 1 day prior to use of the vehicle.
  2. Premier Chauffeur Drive does not accept responsibility for errors in the confirmation on which changes have not been advised to us.
  3. The company reserves the right to offer a similar or better standard vehicle in the case where the booked vehicle has experienced a defect or another situation beyond our control.

By booking this travel with Premier Chauffeur Drive, you accept and agree with the cancellation policies of this document.