How We Clean Luxury Cars: Steps Taken to Keep Riders Safe

How We Clean Luxury Cars: Steps Taken to Keep Riders Safe

Keeping clean is something understandably on everyone’s mind these days. This is why we want to discuss the steps taken to disinfect luxury cars after they are returned. Here’s what you need to know about the precautions being taken to keep riders safe.

Using Soap – a Known Virus Killer – and Water

One of the most effective ways to clean a luxury car is with good old-fashioned soap and water. Soap, in particular, has chemicals in it that destroy the surfaces of viruses. Basic auto cleaning supplies can work as well, as long as they are detergent-based and not labeled as being free of detergent. Care is taken not to scrub too hard when using soap and water so surface coatings and dyes aren’t damaged.

Using Cleaning Products with Moisturizers for Leather Interiors

The beautiful leather interiors often found in our luxury vehicles can be effectively cleaned in a way that doesn’t dry out the leather with moisturizer-based products. In order to kill viruses, the products used also have to be detergent-based. What the moisturizer does is keep the leather interiors from drying out once everything is cleaned. Specially designed leather conditioners can also be effectively used on leather interiors after they are cleaned to replenish the hydration.

Avoiding Certain Cleaning Products to Protect Surfaces

It’s just as important to know what not to use when cleaning a luxury vehicle. This is why we generally avoid bleach-based or ammonia-containing products since they can break down vinyl and plastic. This also applies to hydrogen-peroxide. Instead, bleach-free disinfectant wipes are typically used to safely clean off key fobs and other plastic surfaces.

Cleaning All Touchable Surfaces

Because viruses and other germs can literally be anywhere, we make sure all touchable surfaces within our vehicles are properly cleaned. These include mirrors, the steering wheel, dashboards, switches, and even the gas cap where the gasoline goes. Disinfecting wipes not containing bleach are a convenient and effective way to clean the many surfaces found in our luxury vehicles. Touchable surfaces accessible from all seats are also cleaned to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Wiping Off Everything That’s Been Wiped

While cleanliness is our first priority, it’s also important to protect interior surfaces and materials in our vehicles. This is why everything is wiped down after it’s cleaned to avoid leaving residue behind. When all cleaning is done, our vehicles will be safe and ready for the next customer.

Please be aware that safely providing the top-quality transportation you need is our main goal. Contact us today to learn more about our luxury vehicles.



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