Adaptations to COVID-19 in the World of Luxury Transportation

Adaptations to COVID-19 in the World of Luxury Transportation

As we are all painfully aware, Covid-19 has turned the world on its head. Each nook and cranny of the world has had to make concessions and adapt to these new conditions accordingly, and luxury transportation is no exception.

Various health and regulatory organisations have put forth many guidelines and tips regarding Covid-19. It is vitally important to us that we maintain these standards throughout each and every step of your journey. The steps we take to adhere to these practices include: isolating whenever possible, maintaining a social distance of 2 meters at all possible times, washing hands often and thoroughly, cleaning and disinfecting each vehicle before and after each trip, checking temperatures regularly and accurately after each trip, and perhaps most importantly, listening closely to what passengers and chauffeurs report about their own health. Should any of our drivers become or even feel ill, they are encouraged to stay home and to remain comfortably isolated as much as possible until they are sure to be safe to return to work.

Those of us here at Premier Chauffeur Drive are intensely committed to our client’s safety and satisfaction, and that includes keeping your safe in these hectic and strange times. Chauffeurs and vehicles here alike are routinely and intensely inspected with quality, safety, and comfort in mind. We are absolutely committed to adhering to any and all guidelines and procedures associated with all safety protocols, and our policies and practices prove that.

Our vehicles are now equipped with plastic screens which isolate the driver from passenger and vice versa, which creates a barrier for any potentially infectious particles. These create a sort of curtain which keeps any airborne particles on the side of the vehicle which they were originally dispersed and helps keep both passengers safe from potential infection.

Every chauffeur has their temperature taken before and after each trip as well, to further guarantee our client’s safety.

While engaged in activities that require closer quarters, our chauffeurs’ don face masks to protect both employee and client alike. Disposable gloves are also worn when luggage is loaded and unloaded, and the two-meter social distancing guidelines are adhered to at all possible times.

After each trip, our vehicles undergo something known as electrostatic spraying. This procedure involves spraying a chemical mist onto the interior of the vehicle that binds and attracts particles together. Once sprayed evenly, a safe, scent-free disinfectant is applied to the area so that it can be wiped down cleanly, safely, and effectively to ensure the maximum possible satisfaction of our clients. Since the sprayers do not actually touch the vehicle, the risk of cross-contamination is all but eliminated. This process is safe, efficient, and eco-friendly, and is done thoroughly so that each and every rider is given a safe, quality, and enjoyable experience with us.

Travelling by car instead of plane also adds a certain element of security to it; having fewer people in each trip means less chance to spread the virus. That, combined with the diligence with which we apply to our standards of cleanliness, makes riding with us a much safer alternative to flying. Our VIP mini-coach, coach, and Mercedes Class multi-purpose vehicles are large enough to allow a pertinent distance between driver and passenger to be maintained as well. Planes, unfortunately, do not offer such opportunities for privacy and security, nor do they offer such the personal element that having a professional and competent chauffeur does.

The world has changed seemingly overnight. Each and every industry has had to adapt and change how they operate in order to effectively dodge Covid-19. To some, this may mean shutting down altogether, but the world does not stop spinning on a whim. Even though it means adding extra effort and attention to detail, it is inherent in our mission to provide excellent service that we follow these guidelines and continue getting our passengers safely to their desired destinations.

In summation, we maintain a critical eye on the quality of service that we provide, as well as the cleanliness of that service. Our goal is to maintain a specific degree of class and satisfaction within our clients, and we absolutely intend to meet it at each and every possible opportunity.

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