Learn About History in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a great vacation spot for any history buff

When many tourists decide to head towards Dublin, they’re happy to learn that the city has countless offerings across seemingly endless forms of entertainment. Whether you’re looking to have fun out on the town, venture into the countryside, or learn about the history of Dublin and Ireland as a whole, you’ll have all of your interests satisfied. Dublin truly has no shortage of historical places to visit, and some of the most important ones include:


  • The Christ Church Cathedral

  • The Dublin Castle


More than 2 million people call Dublin their home, and the city is also the capital of Ireland. As the country’s most populated city, Dublin is home to countless historical museums, plays, and other artistic endeavours. Dublin information can be seen at this link.

The Christ Church Cathedral

Formally known as The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, this church is the cathedral of the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough. The staff does charge admission and ticketing fees, however, the upfront costs are completely worth it as they help maintain this piece of history and inspire and educate people like you. The cathedral is great for history buffs and anyone who appreciates architecture. Discover facts about The Best Things to do in Dublin on Vacation.