Why Dublin Is a Great Place for a Vacation

Many people take trips to Dublin every year

Every single year, Dublin plays host to countless tourists. The city already has more than 2 million people who call it home, so needless to say, there are tons of different things to do here, as they must appeal to people from many different walks of life. If you’re thinking of taking a trip here, you’ve made the right decision. The city does a lot to appeal to all kinds of tourists, so no matter what you’re looking for you’ll find something for you. Some of the most popular things to do in and around the city include:


  • Visiting the Abandoned Prison of Kilmainham Gaol

  • Going to the Wicklow Mountains


As the capital of Ireland, Dublin has grown into the country’s premier cultural hotspot. The city really has endless fun things to do that would interest most people, and there are tons of museums, bars, restaurants, and more. See more here.

The Abandoned Prison of Kilmainham Gaol

The Kilmainham Gaol is an abandoned prison that offers guided tours of its restored quarters, and tickets are not very expensive. You can get a tour that lasts around an hour, and you’ll learn tons about the ways that prisoners were treated here. See here for information about Learn About History in Dublin, Ireland.