Why Dublin, Ireland is A Tourist Hotspot

Reasons you should visit Dublin on your next vacation

When it comes to summertime, many Americans start planning their vacations for the coast. It’s hard to blame them, but sometimes, they’d be better served visiting a foreign land and learning the great history of another country, which is why they should focus on visiting Dublin. Dublin has a rich, well preserved history, in tandem with a great nightlife. Some of the best things to do in the Dublin area include:


  • Visiting the Spire of Dublin

  • Visiting the St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Dublin is the capital city of Ireland, and the most populated city in the country. With a population approaching 2 million, the city has expanded to include tons of great activities and fun things to do, and there is no shortage of museums or nightclubs to visit. Visit this link for more information.

Visiting the Spire of Dublin

The Spire of Dublin towers over the city at about 120 meters above the ground, and it is about 3 meters in diameter. The tip of the spire is lit up by an external light source to act as a beacon in the night sky, and it is a great place for a photograph. Read about The Top Attractions in Dublin, Ireland here.