Top Tourist Attractions in Dublin

Find out why so many are taking trips to Dublin every year

Dublin, Ireland is becoming one of the top cities for tourists every year due to its high amount of bars, explosive nightlife scene, and countless historical monuments. You can come here to drink, meet fun people, and learn a lot about Irish history. While many people have different agendas and interests when travelling to Dublin, some of the best things to do are:


  • Visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  • Visit the Dublin Castle


As the capital city of Ireland, Dublin has grown into a tourist hot-spot due to the fact that its 2 million residents are very welcoming to tourists and happy to have a drink with anyone. The city has no shortage of museums, venues, or bars, so you’re sure to always find something fun and new to do here. Further facts about Dublin can be found here.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s cathedral is the largest church in all of Ireland which was founded in 1191 and is home to over 800 years of Irish history and culture. It is brilliantly designed and an architectural masterpiece, and even if you don’t take a tour, it is always worth stopping by to check out. Information about Why Dublin, Ireland is A Tourist Hotspot can be found here.