The Best Things to See in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is so much more than just the city

If you’re planning to take a trip to Dublin, you have a lot of different activities to choose from. The city is well-known for its seemingly endless amount of bars and restaurants, and the nightlife is truly top notch. However, if you’re planning on just taking in the city here, you might be preventing yourself from experiencing some truly amazing things. There is a lot more to Dublin than just the city, and people love going to:


  • The Wicklow Mountains

  • Phoenix Park


With almost 2 million residents, Dublin has grown into the most populated city in Ireland, and it is still the capital city of Ireland today. Locals love the city’s expansive museums, cultural landmarks, and world-class bars. See further information here.

The Wicklow Mountains

The landscape at the Wicklow Mountains will truly take your breath away, and tours of the area won’t cost you too much, and they generally cover transportation to and from the city. This means you won’t have to bear the burden of getting out there, plus you’ll have an informative tour guide with you the entire time so you can learn as you see. Click here to read about Why Dublin Is a Great Place for a Vacation.