Dublin’s Top Tourist Attractions

Lots to choose from in this tourist hot-spot

When it comes to taking time to plan a summer vacation, Dublin is often at the top of a tourist’s shortlist. The city holds tons of important historical significance, in addition to being a great place to party and have a fun night out on the town. Whether you’re with a crowd of historians or a crowd of partiers (it’d be best if your crowd is a mix of the two), you’ll find great things to do here. some of the top activities include:


  • The Church Bar

  • The Guinness Storehouse Factory


Dublin is approaching 2 million residents, and as the most populous city in Ireland, is still the country’s primary tourist hot-spot. As a result, the city keeps expanding into different realms of tourist-oriented activities, and hundreds of thousands of people flock here every year to partake in the city’s activities. Learn information about Dublin.

The Church Bar

One of the most unique bars in the city is The Church Bar, which used to be St. Mary’s church. After closing and going through renovations, however, it was converted into a popular bar and nightclub. With lots of room for drinking and dancing, it is no wonder so many love coming here. Discover facts about The Best Things to do in Dublin.