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A Private Day Tour to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Visiting the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland offers the chance to discover an amazing geological wonder for yourself. The Cliffs are the most popular destination in Ireland, but more than that, the journey there is also incredibly exciting. Private day tours to the Cliffs with a chauffeur service not only gives you the chance to see the Cliffs, but you can customize your journey to include other stops along the way.

An ideal itinerary for a day tour to the Cliffs of Moher is easy to put together and can include some of the following.

Explore the Cliffs and Coast

The cliffs are the highlight of this private tour, so you want to spend the majority of your time here once you arrive there. The drive there is incredibly exhilarating, with much of the road winding back and forth along the coast. These towering sea cliffs are protected, so they are in pristine, natural condition. Enjoy the beauty and take a long walk along the coast, exploring the flora and fauna, spotting wildlife, and watching for marine life from the cliffs.

The Rock of Dunamase

The Rock of Dunamase is much more than a rock, but an entire historical site perched atop a rocky outcrop in Dunamase. The castle ruins offer one of the best views in Ireland, and the ruins make for an interesting spot to explore. Photographs of the ruins are some of the most iconic landscapes in Ireland.

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

The Bunratty Castle and Folk Park give you the chance to step back into time and experience life in the 19th century. The village is recreated to match the way life would’ve looked when Bunratty Castle was last occupied. The entire castle, village, and park are run as a living history center where guests can see what the day to day life looked like and learn what it took to run the castle.


Clonmacnoise is a popular attraction in Ireland along the journey to the Cliffs. The monastic ruins were once the seat of learning and community in Ireland. People from all over the Christian world used to go on pilgrimage to reach Clonmacnoise, and its no different today where it is still seen as a place of religious importance.

Creating the Perfect Experience

Now that you know where to go, it is vital that you consider how to put together the perfect experience for your group. Depending on the group size that you are taking, make sure you book a vehicle that can carry your entire party comfortably. Take into consideration the length of time your group wants to travel, getting to the Cliffs alone from Dublin takes about three hours. If you want to spend the majority of the time exploring the Cliffs, you have already filled more than half the time available for a full day trip.

Any additional side trips that are added onto a private day tour is going to increase the price of a private tour guide service, and increase the amount of time that is allotted. Given the distance to the Cliffs and the many unique areas to explore, additional attractions are a smart idea.

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